Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 Unblocked

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Game description

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 – Surviving And Story of Fnaf 3 Unblocked

Get ready for third part of FNAF Franchise! In FNAF 3 you will see some big changes. For example there will not be doors anymore that you need to open and close and no more lights and flashlight that you was able to use, now your weapon will be sounds and cameras. On the first night in this online FNAF 3 horror game, on the right side of your screen you will see a lot of cameras that you need to observe, the full number of cameras is 15 which means there is 15 rooms in FNAF 3 and your task will be the same, to monitor the cameras and to survive for 5 scary nights!
From time to time you will notice that some of the cameras are not working, well, because of that you will not be able to see clear picture, when that happen you need to open system menu where you can reboot cameras, that will take some time and you will not be able to see what is happening with animatronics that will slowly go from one room to another. That process is necessary in order to have clear picture on your cameras. You can also restart all functions but that will take some extra time.

Fnaf 3 Unblocked

You need to be extra careful in this horror survival FNAF 3 game because game creators created this point-click game in a more intense and creepy why than other FNAF games. That means that you will hear creepy female animatronic laugh in a distance, sometimes while watching the cameras. You will also hear sounds of movements, heavy breathing and a lot more scary sounds. If you start to lose control over cameras and sounds, your character will start to breathe really heavily and you will hear alarm and red lights that will go around the facility where you work as a security guard, that means that in any moment animatronics can jump scare you and devour your body in a second.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 horror attraction
You working place at the Horror Attraction where you work as a security guy

FNAF 3: Audio, Camera And Ventilating System

You need to be careful, you need to have good timing and strong heart if you want to survive these 5 terrifying horror nights in FNAF 3 game. You can manage through camera system and audio devices that you can also restart when alarm start ringing. You will have one ability that you can do while watching the cameras, you will be able seal vents in some places in order to stop animatronics reaching certain rooms, like your for example. In order to seal the vent, press the spacebar over it.
In Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 game, you will see big difference when it comes to mechanics inside of the animatronics. As stated by Phone Guy in his phone calls throughout the week, two animatronics by the name Springtrap and Fredbear were from start designed to be different than the other robotic creatures but instead of functioning only as robots, they were made so that the mechanical parts that are inside of them could be compressed against the inner walls of their suit, using only spring locks to hold them in place.
This was done in order to allow others to enter the suit and wear it. But the person that is using the suit would need to take extreme caution, as any sudden movement, touching the springlocks, or even breathing on them too much could cause them to loosen or malfunction, and all the mechanical parts would rapidly shift back into place, which means that anybody that is inside that suit would likely be really hurt or even killed.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 Unblocked Mini Games

If you survive long enough in this FNAF 3 horror game you will be able to play the minigame at the end of Night 5, by playing that game you will find out the reason of Purple Guy death. When he was ambushed by five murdered children, he attempted to run away and hide inside of the Springtrap suit. He was thinking it will be a good plan but the mechanical parts shifted back into
place, killing him on the spot and making the bloody scene on the floor, this is one of the most likely theory when it comes to Purple Guy death.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 system menu
Audio, Camera and Ventilation system that you can control in the game

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 Killing Suit

You will again work from 12 AM to 6 AM and you will need to stay alive during that time or you will lose being jump scared and killed by certain animatronic if you fail to manage the cameras, audio devices and vents during the night. Pay attention on the sound and noises while watching the cameras, knowing from which room the sound or noises are coming can help you a lot when it comes to surviving those scary nights.

How to Play Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 Unblcoked Game

Again pay close attention to the rooms that are connected to your room because from those rooms animatronic can enter your room and if you allow that, it will be game over for you and you will need to start all over again. In real time surviving one night shift is 4 minutes but those 4 minutes will last forever because tension, fear, terror, creepy and scary voices and noises in the background will be all over you!
What is also different in this unblocked fnaf 3 horror game is that you can be killed only by one certain animatronic, that animatronic can impact on your game and others will just be a decoy, they will not be able to hurt you but they will be able to scare you, so be careful. Your working place in FNAF 3 will be in a horror attraction named Fazbear’s Fright, which is referred to in-game as residing on the site of a former Fazbear Entertainment restaurant. As in other fnaf chapters this one also have a dark and bloody secret that is connected with the history of the place where you are working as a security guard.
Using Audio System you will be able to lure the animatronic away from your office if you notice that they are close to you. you will now monitor two different camera system and three subsystems. You will also need to run ventilation system in order to avoid seeing hallucinations during the night.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 camera menu
Camera menu where you need to monitor 15 cameras and vent’s in search for animatronic movements

Fnaf 3 Unblocked Good Ending

If you manage to survive those 5 challenging and hard nights in FNAF 3 game you will unlock special mode “Nightmare” mode. After each night you will be able to play new mini game and each of those games will hide secrets that can help you to solve the mystery that this horror game brings, if you discover the secret, you will have “Good Ending” in the game, so give your best and survive!

Fnaf 3 animatronics
Golden Bonnie and two other animatronic that will try to kill you in FNAF 3

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 Controls:
Use mouse to interact and to look around.
Use spacebar to seal the vent.