Fnaf Sister Location Unblocked

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Game description

About The Fnaf Sister Location Game Five Nights At Freddy’s sister location Unblocked

Fnaf Sister Location is fifth part of Five Nights At Freddy’s Franchise and in this horror-survival game you will notice a lot of changes and new features that you will be able to do in this online FNAf Sister location point-click game. First thing that you will notice is possibility to free roam around the place where you will be. Remember when you was checking vents for animatronics, now you will be able to go in those vents, reaching other rooms and discovering new things, secrets and mysteries.
On the beginning if the game you will be in a elevator and you will hear a voice that will explain you the rules of the game, how to play it and all informations that you need to know about animatronics in this online FNAF Sister Location point-click game. You will meet many old and many new animatronics. Your job will be to check animatronics that will be in their rooms, you will check them by turning on the lights and below light button you will be able to shock the animatronics if necessary.

Fnaf sister location unblcoked animatronics
FNAF: Sister Location Game, Funtime Freddy, Funtime Lolbit and Circus baby in the background

Five Nights At Freddy’s sister location Different From Other Fnaf Games

Sister Location is completely different than other Fnaf games because you will have much more freedom when it comes to moving your character and exploring other rooms. Five Nights At Freddy’s sister location is an online unblocked game that you can play here for free without any registration or installation, you can also read about all animatronics down below and learn their history and what is their purpose in the game.
On this site you can also play all FNAF Franchise games and we will continue to provide you with the latest FNAF games that you will be able to play here for free! Test how brave you are and beat this horror-survival FNAF game! There is 8 rooms and places where you can go in FNAF sister Location and they are :Elevator, Breaker Room, Ballora Galery, Control Module Room, Funtime Auditorium, Parts & Service Room, Circus Control Room and Circus Gallery Room. All of those rooms have their own purpose for you in this game and you will meet different robotic creatures in all of them.

Five Nights At Freddy’s sister location module room
One of the rooms in Sister Location with Circus Baby in front of the window

How To Play Fnaf Sister Location Unblocked Game

Your main task in Five Nights At Freddy’s sister location is to survive 6 nights, solving mysteries along the way, avoiding being catched by all kind of different and spooky animatronics that will look for you during the night. You will be able to go from room to room using the vents. You can finish the game couple of time choosing different endings and in that way unlocking new animatronics. Follow the instruction that will come from the voice when you start the game in elevator, he will explain your duties and controls in the game.
FNAF sister Location is a horror game which means there will be a lot of intense moments, some of them will be really scary and disturbing, especially when it comes to Jump Scares, expect them anywhere.Each night will be different than previous one, each one will be difficult also bringing a new challenge for you. Survive this dark and scary place and prove that you have what it takes to beat this online survival FNAF game!

Fnaf sister location map of the rooms
Map of rooms in FNAF Sister Location and explanation of where animatronics are located

Five Nights At Freddy’s sister location Animatronics

Animatronics that will be in sister Location game are: Ennard that is looking like a broken clown robot, Circus baby that is a female clown looking robot, Funtime Freddy, Ballora that is programed to be ballerina, Funtime Lolbit that is looking like a fox, Bon-Bon that is looking like a rabbit, Funtime Foxy and Minireena. Ballora is a humanoid ballerina robotic creature with a curved body and pale skin. In the night 5 you can see her body in the Scooping room. Minirena is one of the antagonists in the Sister Location game, they have small body and bold mask face.
Bon-Bon or also know as Bonnie Hand Puppet that is used by Funtime Freddy and it’s also a antagonist in the Sister Location custom Night. When it comes to primary antagonist in this online survival FNAF Sister Location game that will be Circus Baby, she resembles a clown. Her facial features include a pale face, long eyelashes, red cheeks and bright green eyes.
True final antagonist of the fnaf Sister Location is Ennard. Ennard is a humanoid animatronic, its body disfigured with protruding wires. Funtime Foxy share couple similarities with Foxy and Mangle, like pink and white color scheme and the fact that it is a fox robotic creature. Funtime Freddy is obviously a version of the Freddy Fazbear, in his left hand he holds a microphone, similar to Circus Baby.
On his right arm, the Bonnie hand puppet. When it comes to Funtime Lolbit animatronic he is an easter egg that is appearing in the Sister Location Custom Night DLC. In Custom Night, Lolbit will appear on the computer screens, and you need to type “LOL” on your keyboard or on the keypad to get rid of it. BidyBabs are little baby animatronics with small bodies and childish looking faces, they are also in this FNAF Unblocked Sister Location game, they will only appear on Night 2 to you when you hide underneath the desk in the Circus Gallery room.
They will attempt to open the desk door twice and watch through the holes in it. If you keep the door closed, they will whisper to each other for a little bit and leave. Minirena will appear in the Night 1, Night 3 and Night 4, their body have simple design, they strongly resemble the Puppet from FNAF 2 game. Electrobab is animatronic that looks very similar to BidyBabs animatronics expect they will randomly appear in either the west or east closet and will begin draining your power if they reach you, so be careful with those little animatronics.

fnaf sister location main animatronics
Ballora, Baby, Funtime Foxy and Funtime Freddy, just some of many animatronics in sister Location

FNAF: Sister Location – Jump Scares And Rooms

When it comes to Jump Scares in Five Nights At Freddy’s: sister Location and Custom Night, there is up to 15 different type of jump scares that will come from all animatronic characters in a certain nights. They are all different from one another and quite scary. As in the other FNAF games you was able to use cameras from the Night 1 in order to watch for any animatronic movements, in the FNAF sister Location you will not be able to use camera system until the Night 5, if you survive to that point of course. While exploring the rooms in sister Location you will see couple of cameras scattered in different rooms in the corners like in the Scooping Room, Primary Control Module, Circus Room, Ennard will have camera in his private room, and there will be some cameras in the vents.
You will have couple of endings in FNAF sister Location and completing all of them, like Fake Ending, you will be able to unlock some animatronic characters in the Extra Menu. There is also an alternate ending in this online FNAF sister Location horror-survival game, where if you refuse to listen to Baby’s instructions, and if you go into the Private Room, where he will have to fend off Ennard until 6AM. If you survive this night, they will take Ennard home. Having couple of endings this makes Sister Location one of the best FNAF survival games because you can play it several time and with each different ending you will be able to discover more when it come to mysteries, secrets and other animatronic stories that are all connected.

Fnaf sister location jumpscare
Circus Baby umpscare from sister Location

Five Nights At Freddy’s Sister Location Custom Night DLC

Five Nights At Freddy’s sister location unblocked game comes also with the DLC Custom Night where you can customize animatronics in the way you want, you can set difficulty level to all of them. Prepare yourself for this horror survival game because there will be a lot of jump scares coming from different animatronics when you least expect it, darkness will be all over you in this place, creepy sounds, noises and voices from animatronics that you will hear on each step and much more awaits you in this unblocked Sister Location game that you can play from both school or work. Discover the plot in Sister Location, solve the mystery about certain animatronics and survive the scary and deadly nights in this FNAF Sister Location game! FNAF 6 coming soon!

Fnaf sister location custom night
FNAF Sister Location Custom night DLC

FNAF Sister Location Custom Night Features:

  • -Different Endings
  • -Ability to free-roam from one room to another
  • -New Animatronic characters
  • -New Mini-Games
  • -New Abilities
  • -More nights to survive
  • -15 different Jump Scares
  • -Unlocking new characters
Five Nights At Freddy’s sister location fan made picture of animatronics
Animatronics from sister Location, made by LAdyFiszy
NAF: Sister Location Android Version

FNAF Sister Location is also available for you to play it on your Android phone, down below we provided you a link where you can download Android version of Sister Location:

Ffnaf sister location android version
Android version of Sister Location game

FNAF Sister Location Controls:

  • Use mouse and mouse button to look around and interact.
  • W-Crawl.
  • W+Shift-Go Faster.
  • S-Go Back.

Animatronics From Unblocked Fnaf Sister Location Game




circus-babyCircus Baby

funtime-foxyFuntime Foxy

funtime-freddyFuntime Freddy

funtime-lolbitFuntime Lolbit